At The Rouen Group, we learn by listening to clients, policymakers, and the public. Our team’s experience and relationships spans both the business and political spectrum.  We offer our clients our unique blend of communication strategy, grassroots mobilization, and political engagement.  We specialize in delivering meaningful results for your organization.

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What does The Rouen Group do? Well, here are some recent examples: We helped a brewing client launch a successful $1.255 million capital campaign. That campaign was featured in several major publications in various markets.  The result was they were completely funded months ahead of schedule.  We helped a large taxi/transportation company launch a new app and software system.  The result is that online bookings are up 25% without any paid advertising.  And we helped two clients complete major grant proposals that will propel those organizations to the next level.  And that was just in one month’s time.  So what do we do? We use innovative communications strategy to help our clients exceed their goals.  Call us when your organization is ready to grow.

What we do:

Coalition Building and Mobilization

The difference between winning and losing on any campaign comes down to the ability to effectively mobilize a coalition of supporters. With The Rouen Group’s extensive network of relationships with key business groups, trade associations and other professionals, we will develop a coalition of supporters that expands your presence and improves your chances of winning crucial battles.

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Grassroots Advocacy

Once assembled, The Rouen Group will engage your coalition of supporters to make certain your issue resonates with elected officials. We will exercise our relationships and knowledge of the political landscape through a targeted contact strategy, involving meetings, calls and letters, to ensure your voice resonates with key decision makers and political leaders.

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Political Engagement

The Rouen Group has worked with companies across Minnesota to build their influence within political circles. We will help your organization engage directly with political leaders to secure the support you need to achieve desirable outcomes.

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Communications Strategy

The Rouen Group specializes in creating your “story” to have the greatest impact on your target audience. Our approach involves the strategic placement of op-eds, letters to the editor, talk radio interviews, editorial board meetings and press conferences. We will also identify the proper social media tools to amplify your message.

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Creative Productions

Creative Productions The Rouen Group strives to share your message through the best mediums whether it be graphic design, video or radio. Graphic Design Video TwinWest’s Emerging Entrepreneur Award The Foursome MN Oncology Moratorium Facts Zeller Campaign Ad Radio Tax Grab Radio Ad

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