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Monday Morning Quarterback 3/26/2012

Posted by: Andrew Schmitt | Posted on: March 26th, 2012 | 0 Comments

Monday Morning Quarterback

Brought to you by The Rouen Group, a public affairs firm, specializing in grassroots advocacy, coalition building, political engagement and communications strategy. THE ROUEN GROUP'S NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT POOL: Standings after the second week of tournament play (top three): 1.) Joseph Blum - 83 points 1.) Dave Ladd - 83 points 3.) Mark Giga - 75 points Details Behind the Rollout of Paul Ryan's Budget Plan: An in-depth look at the rollout via PoliticoHow Paul Ryan Sold His Budget Plan: "The party polled on Medicare in 50 battleground districts. It vetted the plan with a dozen conservative groups. It reached out to rank-and-file lawmakers and asked them what they needed to support the sweeping conservative spending plan. Ryan briefed the Republican presidential candidates and won a quick public endorsement of the plan from Mitt Romney. And perhaps most important, the GOP learned how to use the right poll-tested words... Call the Medicare reform “bipartisan,” they were told. Frame it as helping to “fix Medicare and keep it from going bankrupt.” Be sure to point out that Americans 55 or older would not be affected. And say it gives seniors the choice of “staying in the current Medicare system or using the new one.” When it Comes to the Debt, Young Voters Should be Voting for the GOP: Argues Jeff Jacoby in The Boston GlobeAs Dems Rack Up Debt, Youth Should Flock to GOP: "Washington’s staggering spending binge is entailing a burden of fearsome proportions on the millennial generation — voters in their late teens and 20s. With the government more than $15.5 trillion in debt and continuing to borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends, Generation Y is in for a prolonged economic beating. The national debt now exceeds the entire annual output of the US economy. Millennials will be paying for it through higher taxes, slower growth, reduced public services, fewer jobs, lower incomes, and a more uncertain future than their parents or grandparents confronted... But that debt wasn’t piled up without plenty of Republican help. Bush left the White House, in fact, as the biggest spender since LBJ. Granted, the profligacy of Barack Obama has outstripped even Bush’s bacchanal: CBS reports that Obama has added more to the national debt in just three years and two months than Bush did in his entire eight years. Still, younger voters can hardly be blamed if they haven’t noticed that Republicans are “consumed with the idea of getting federal spending down." Profiles of Two Key Romney Staffers - Katie Biber and Eric Fehrnstrom: Katie Biber profile via The Washington Post: "If Mitt Romney manages to capture the Republican nomination, it probably won't be because of his dynamite personality or the magnetism of his message. Instead, he will owe his victory to a superior campaign organization personified by the obsessive plodding of his diminutive delegate counter. In the Boston headquarters, a few blocks from the North End apartment Biber, 33, shares with her husband and two young sons, she can be seen hugging black binders full of delegate information, wearing a Romney sweatshirt with the words "Legal team" stitched on the arm, or walking reporters through the campaign's operations in major states such as Illinois, where Romney added to his delegate advantage Tuesday." Eric Fehrnstrom profile via The Washington Post: "Fehrnstrom, 50, entered politics in 1994 when Joe Malone, then the state treasurer, plucked him from the Boston Herald, where he had been covering the State House, to be his communications director. In 2002, while Fehrnstrom was working at an ad agency, Romney confidant Bob White sought him out to run communications on Romney’s gubernatorial campaign. After four years with Romney at the State House, Fehrnstrom became his spokesman and senior traveling aide on the 2008 presidential campaign. This year, Fehrnstrom is juggling work for Brown and Romney, helping both candidates craft often divergent messages. The former is embracing the Massachusetts-moderate label; the latter is running away from it." "At Issue" Breakdowns History of Minnesota's Constitutional Amendments: Analysis: There is nothing rare about amending the state's Constitution. Since 1858, 213 Constitutional amendments have made it on the ballot, with 120 passing and 93 rejected. Furthermore, it is not unusual to have multiple amendments on the same ballot. In 1980 and 1982 there were five and four ballot questions, respectfully. There have been 55 election years in Minnesota with more than one amendment on the ballot. Examples of items passed through Constitutional amendments: 1982 - parimutuel betting on horse racing, 1988 - state lottery approved, 1996 - process approved to recall state elected officials, 1998 - abolished the office of state treasurer, 2008 - sales tax increase approved to fund natural resources and cultural heritage projects. View the entire segment HERE. "At Issue" Looks at a Proposed Bill to Revolutionize the State's Gaming Industry - The Rouen Group's Client "Iron Range Racing" Representative Tim Kelly has drafted bill language (not yet introduced) to allow negotiation of a tribal gaming compact. It would allow tribes to add new games such as roulette and craps and allow simulcasting of horse racing at Indian casinos. In exchange, racinos would be allowed at Canterbury and Running Aces, however the tribes would manage them. Only the revenue between new tribal games and racinos would be shared between tribes and the state, existing tribal revenue would continue to go to the tribes. View the entire segment HERE. Iron Range Racing (a client of The Rouen Group) testified at two Senate racino hearings last week. The complex, which would be based in Hibbing, would add 100-150 construction jobs over three years, with 425-475 full and full-time equivalent jobs (FTE) produced. Based on projections, new revenues at Iron Range Racing are estimated at $17,000,000 to the State of Minnesota. You can find out more about Iron Range Racing by visiting it's website: Cancer Radiation Facility Moratorium - Woodbury Hospital Seeks Exemption From MN Lawmakers: Via the Woodbury Bulletin, "Woodwinds Health Campus officials are hoping an exception request at the state Capitol will lead to expanded cancer treatment at the Woodbury hospital. In addition to granting the Woodwinds exception, the amended bill establishes a strict set of criteria regulating the construction of future radiation therapy treatment facilities in a 14-county area in and around the Twin Cities. The bill, which passed through the Senate Health and Human Services Committee last week, does not permanently lift the moratorium – an element that could pose a hurdle for some lawmakers. Also in the legislative hopper is a bill seeking to lift the moratorium entirely, which Rep. Andrea Kieffer, R-Woodbury, is backing. She and others have supported lifting the moratorium, which they consider a barrier to the free market. “The (moratorium) legislation was aimed at one entity, and that was us,” said Randy Thompson, executive director of Minnesota Oncology. The private cancer treatment center was in the process of adding a radiation therapy facility when the Legislature intervened. Thompson said he “respectively disagrees” with the notion that the expansion of radiation treatment facilities is worth regulating to stem health care costs. “You don’t create demand in radiation therapy,” he said. “You don’t increase volume because you increase capacity.” For more information about Minnesota Oncology and the moratorium, please visit:www.moratoriumfacts.comDisclaimer: Minnesota Oncology is a client of The Rouen Group. THE WEEK IN REVIEW: THREE ARTICLES WORTH THE READ: Reason MagazineFor Richer and for Poorer Wall Street JournalGovernor 13.3% - Jerry Brown's Latest California Accomplishment National JournalWhy Obama Isn't Backing Gay Marriage HIGHLIGHTS: SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament: Final Four is set - Kentucky vs. Louisville, Ohio State vs. Kansas NCAA Men's Hockey West Regional: Gophers beat North Dakota 5-2 to advance to the Frozen Four for the first time since 2005. The Gophers will face Boston College, who beat UMD, on April 5. Entertainment: Mad Men's fifth season kicked off last night with a two-hour season premiere. If you missed it you can watch it again tonight at 8:00 pm on AMC.  
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