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Monday Morning Quarterback – 7/28/2014

Posted by: Andrew Schmitt | Posted on: August 4th, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Rouen Group's Monday Morning Quarterback

 The Rouen Group: Grassroots Advocacy, Coalition Development, Online Advocacy, Mediaand Message Development.

Greeting from Wisconsin:
This week the Rouen family is at Northern Pines family camp on beautiful Green Lake in Wisconsin.  If you are looking for a great way to spend time with your family, check out Northern Pines (read)

10 Things Millennials Won't Spend TheirMoney On:
Bye 2017 Millennials will have more buying power than any other generation in America. So what are they buying?  Not surprisingly they spend differently then their parents. (read)

Who Has the Best Beer?:
Minnesota has seen a boom in the craft beer industry.  It seems there is a new brewery opening nearly every week.  So who is the best?  Here is a list of the top ten with some old and some new.  It is a pretty good list. (read)

5 Ways to Chill Beer Lightening Fast:
So you bring home some cans from the new brewery or maybe the growler got warm on the way home, well here are five ways to get that beer chilled quickly.  (cold beer)

The Campaign Trail
Recent News and Notes from the Campaign Trail... 

Four Republicans Vie to Replace Dayton:
Here is a look at the for GOPers from the Pioneer Press. (read)

New Ad and A Lot of Reaction:
Kurt Zellers release a new ad last week in which he promised not to raise taxes and said he was the "only candidate with the guts to put it in writing."(watch)  

The Decline of Small Dollar Donations:
From the Star Tribune: "Small-dollar donors have been turning away from giving to Minnesota legislative campaigns, and big money donors are taking their place.  As recently as 2008, more than 85 percent of House candidates’ campaign donations came from people who gave no more than a few hundred dollars, according to a Star Tribune analysis. By 2012 election, that figure had dropped to just over two-thirds, with those giving more than $200 making up nearly a third of all legislative donations.  (more)

Half of America Does Not Know The PARTYof Their Representative :
Quick: To what political PARTY does your member of Congress belong?  About three-quarters of you came up with an answer. Of that number, a third of you were wrong. At least if we can extrapolate from analysis released by Pew Research on Thursday. They found that 53 percent of Americans could identify their representative's political party which, let's be honest, is not so good. (More)

Worth A Read
A few of my favorite articles, commentaries and posts...

New Laws Take Effect August 1:
The 2014 Minnesota legislative session proved to be an especially busy one, with the Legislature sending DFL Gov. Mark Dayton 169 bills for his consideration. Here is a look at some of the new laws passed this year that will take effect beginning on Aug. 1. (read)

Pay Raises for Mayors and City Councils:
The Star Tribune looks at the wide range of pay among city councils and mayors across the metro area and points a finger at cities who voted to raise their pay. (read)

By The Numbers:
A look at polls, attitudes and other interesting numbers:

That is how many days until November General Election

There are 15 days until the August 12th Primary.

The Number of Americans with Conceal and Carry Permits.  Up from 4.5 million in 2007.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average to start the week.  Down 140 points since last week.

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