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Monday Morning Quarterback 03/28/16

Posted by: Andrew Schmitt | Posted on: March 28th, 2016 | 0 Comments

The Rouen Group: Helping clients effectively communicate to their target audience. The Buzz: A few fun and thought-provoking items to start your Monday Morning: Do You Live in a Bubble: There exists a new upper class that’s completely disconnected from the average American and American culture at large, argues Charles Murray, a libertarian political scientist and author. Take this 25-question quiz to find out where you rank. It was eye opening (quiz) Remember Your First Game? Do you remember your first ballgame? Or the first time you went to a theater? For kids, it is a memorable experience. Tix for Tots provides tens of thousands of first experiences for kids and a parent or mentor every year. I am proud to be chair of the board for Tix this year. Our goal is to provide tickets to over 50,000 kids in our community this year, but we need your help. Please join us this Weds for a special event at Target Field with former players, local sports media and more. Hear directly from them about the upcoming season. Tickets only $25 (details) The Campaign Trail Political news and analysis done differently... State of The Presidential Race: Here is a great breakdown of the delegate race on both sides. Via Overall, Hillary leads Bernie 1,712 - 1,004 including Super Delegates (Clinton + 708). Without the Super Delegates the count is 1,243 - 975 (Clinton + 268). By the way, that is fewer than the difference between Donald Trump's current delegate total (739) and Ted Cruz' (465). The delta on the GOP side is Trump +274. Vote With Your Wallet: Check out this simple calculator that tells you how each of the Presidential candidate's tax plan's will affect you. Spoiler Alert: Feelin the Bern will cost you. (Calculator) Deal Reach on $15 Minimum Wage: Don't panic, it is not in Minnesota...yet. According to the Associated Press, lawmakers in California have reached a deal to move their state's minimum wage to $15. (read) Worth a Read: A Few Favorite Articles From The Week: Make Elites Compete: Why the 1% Earn so Much and What to do About it: "The game is rigged." "Wall Street gets rich while Main Street suffers." These slogans can be heard at Trump and Sanders rallies across the US. Two different parties, two different messages, but it turns out their supporters are right or at least mostly. The top 1 percent of U.S. residents earn 21 percent of the total national income, up from 10 percent in 1979. So, what is causing this increase in inequity? Access and market competition in elite investment and labor markets. This is something all of our politicians should read. (read) The Little Italian Restuarant that Started a Revolution: Great read from the New York Times on Mezzaluna. If you like Punch Pizza, DiAmicos, or Italian food not smothered in red sauce you can thank Aldo Bozzi (read) Burger and Beer: We recently helped the 5-8 Club launch their new beer and burger program. The program pairs the iconic burger restaurant with local craft brewers. You still have a couple days to check out the March burger. The April burger is even better. A Sneak Peak: It involves a pretzel bun. (read). By The Numbers: A look at polls, attitudes, and other interesting numbers: 4 Congrats to North Carolina, Syracuse, Oklahoma and Villanova on making the final four. $170 Million Not a bad opening weekend for Batman v Superman. 50% The share of income going to workers has fallen from 50 percent in 1960 to 42 percent in 2012. 17.715.93 The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Dow continues to rise. We have over 550 regular readers of the MMQ. Please share the MMQ via email, Facebook and Twitter so we can grow past 600 readers.
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