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Like so many other entrepreneurs, Noah Rouen took a huge risk when he started his business.  Thanks to his hard work and commitment to his clients he has built a great public affairs and marketing practice that has earned the respect of his peers.  We look forward to watching Noah’s business grow in the years ahead.
Brad Meier, TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

After calling on The Rouen Group to partner on projects together, I appreciated their hard work, determination, and attention to details to the project at hand. Their team understood what it took to be successful and handled the task at hand until it was completed.
Greg Rye, Metro Auto Pool

The Rouen Group understands how to blend the latest technology along with traditional boots on the ground grassroots to deliver results.
Todd Hill, Hill Capitol Strategies

It was beneficial for our management team to sit down and discuss a variety of topics to further our brand and identity with The Rouen Group. They facilitated and provided an environment where goals and tasks can be planned and reached together. We are already looking forward to a continuing relationship with The Rouen Group. 
Gordy Engel, The Foursome

The Rouen Group is able to synthesize complex issues to engage the general public in public policy issues…we have been well served by their skill and expertise.
Randy Thompson, Minnesota Oncology

When we faced harmful legislation that would have put us out of business we turned to the Rouen Group to help mobilize our employees and suppliers.  In a matter of weeks the Rouen team generated thousands of contacts to legislators which was instrumental in defeating the legislation.
Chuck Armstrong, Pawn America


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