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Monday Morning Quarterback-4/24/2016

Posted by: Andrew Schmitt | Posted on: April 27th, 2016 | 0 Comments

Monday Morning Quarterback
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The Buzz:
A few fun and thought-provoking items to start your Monday Morning:

My Prince Story:
So it seems everyone has a Prince story. Readers know I am a huge fan of Prince, but I never met him. I saw him in concert a couple times and they were easily among the best shows I have been to. But my Prince story comes from my childhood. When we were 10 years old my friends and I would put on Purple Rain concerts. Our instruments: hockey sticks. I have to think only Prince could get Minnesota boys to turn their hockey sticks into guitars.

Great Local Tribute:
Twin Cities Music Writer Jim Walsh penned a great local tribute to Prince: ““He was ours,” went Thursday’s refrain on social media, over and over again, and the rest of the world will have to forgive our provincial grieving at least for the moment, because Minneapolis and Prince were joined at the hip, now and forever.” (Read)

Garrison Keillor:
The Prairie Home Companion has a great tribute to Prince on their show, including some Prince covers. Truly Minnesotan. (watch)

Just Watch:
If you want to see one of the most amazing performances by Prince, just watch his legendary Superbowl halftime performance. (watch).
For more clips, tributes and thoughts check out my Facebook page.

Final Take:
While I am sad about losing a favorite musician, I will say it was quite refreshing to have my social media channels filled with awesome music, kind words and tributes to artists. I guess it is back to reality today.

The Campaign Trail
Political news and analysis done differently…
Purple The State Color:
Senator Karin Housley has a bill to make purple the official state color of Minnesota. The bill picked up steam with Sen. Bobby Jo Champion a “friend” of Prince said he will co-sponsor the bill. A fitting tribute to Prince. I am sure the Vikings won’t mind.

Worth a Read:
A Few Favorite Articles From The Week:

Uber Wins Lawsuit, But May Just Be Buying Time:
Uber scored a victory in 2 lawsuits last week. Courts upheld that the drivers are independent contractors, not employees, thus not provided benefits, sick pay, etc…The settlement did allow for drivers to start collecting tips. Many think this is just a short-term victory for a company facing dozens of lawsuits. (read)

How Tiger Woods Life Unraveled:
This is a fascinating read about one the greatest golfers and biggest celebrities of the last decade: “Tiger hasn’t hit a golf ball in about two months. He can’t really run; not long ago, he told Time magazine, he fell down in his backyard without a cellphone and had to just lie there until his daughter happened to find him. Tiger sent her to get help. He’s had two back operations in the past three months. Yesterday at a news conference, he said for the first time in public that his golf career might be over….” (read)

By The Numbers:
A look at polls, attitudes, and other interesting numbers:

Prince Quotes on loving yourself. “act your age not your shoe size.” (Quotes)

A dozen elite Sports Cars were clocked going 110 mph down 394. Total value of the the cars was over $2.1 million. (read)

NBC’s Today Show has a great tribute to Prince including live performances, tributes and interviews. (watch)

The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Dow continues to rise.

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