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Monday Morning Quarterback-6/6/16

Posted by: Andrew Schmitt | Posted on: June 6th, 2016 | 0 Comments

The Rouen Group-Monday Morning Quarterback
June 6, 2016

The Buzz:
A few fun and thought-provoking items to start your Monday Morning:
We Are Back:
We are back after a two week break. A whole lot of exciting things have happened since the last MMQ. There will be some announcements soon, but let’s get to it…

Today marks the 72 anniversary of D-Day invasion. On this day 156,000 American, British and Canadian troops forces stormed five beaches along 50 miles of the Normandy region of France. Many lives were lost including 2,000 Americans. If you are looking for a way to remember on this day here is a clip from Saving Private Ryan depicting that day (watch). Or, you can watch the amazing speech by Ronald Reagan commenting the 40th anniversary of D-Day. (watch)

Shake Shake Shake:
Peter Nelson of Center of the American Experiment show how the recently passed sick/safe leave mandate is on shaky legal ground. Let’s hope he is right. This plan creates significant burdens on companies outside of the city that do occasional work in the city. (read)

Choo Choo NO Soul:
Via Joe Souchery: “The political class — they build themselves new office buildings and such — live in a different universe from the rest of us, and the rest of us are getting routinely pickpocketed. No greater proof of this truth exists than the remarks of St. Paul’s own City Council Member Dave Thune last week after Metro Transit released the financial figures for the first six months of the Green Line. Passengers boarding the Green Line from its debut in June, 2014 through the end of the year paid $6.21 million into the farebox, or about 35.8 percent of what it costs to operate the 11 miles of the route.” (read)

On The Trail:
Your Political News For The Day:

Special Session This Week-We Daudt It:
On WCCO TV Sunday, Speaker of The House Kurt Daudt said: “What the governor is saying is: You need to agree to everything that I want or I am not going to call a special session. We want him to call a special session. Unfortunately, the things he is asking for are not reasonable.” (watch)

How one word may derail the bi-partisan tax bill, give bingo halls $30 million tax breaks, and why no one seems to know where the mistake came from. (read)

The Numbers:
Here are some numbers that make the world easier to understand:

Why do 70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13 (read)

Great list of the 40 places you should go with your kids before the “grow up.” The Rouen’s need to get traveling. (read)

$434 Million
A little late with this fact but it blows me a way: Daylight Saving Time costs the U.S. an estimated $434 million in lost productivity and decreased health

The Dow Jones Industrial Average. A drop of nearly 30 points since last week.

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Thanks For Reading,

Noah Rouen
President, The Rouen Group


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