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We love sharing our clients’ stories and successes.

Here are just a few of our clients’ recent mentions in the media:

MN Beer Activists: Andrew Schmitt tells the KQ Morning crew the top 8 Christmas gifts for the beer lover in your family: KQRS

SW Craft: Owner Son Truong discusses his restaurant’s name change from Senor Wong’s and shares SW’s Imperial Black Friday event, which boasts 24 imperial stouts on hand, jazz music, and an escape from Black Friday shopping: Minneapolis Eater

Utepils Brewing Co.: After keeping the identity of Utepils’ head brewer under wraps for months, the brewery finally released the news that Eric Harper from Summit Brewing has signed on with Utepils. Harper will travel to Europe with owner Dan Justesen to inspect their brewing equipment before shipping it home:             The Growler             Brew Bound             Business Journal            MN Beer Activists           Just Manufacturing News

SW Craft: Instead of spending Black Friday fighting the crowds, the Pioneer Press suggests enjoying specially-made dark ales and imperial stouts on SW Craft’s Imperial Black Friday. Pioneer Press

Utepils Brewing Co.: Bryn Mawr Brewing has a new name that translates from Norwegian as “The first beer enjoyed outdoors after a long dark winter.” Read about the new name and Utepils’ grand opening in 2016: Star Tribune

Minnesota Restaurant Association: VP Dan McElroy discusses fight against Minneapolis’ Working Families Agenda to protect restaurant employees: KTLK

Hydrate MN: Hydrate goes to the Up and at ‘Em show on KTLK and fields questions from callers: KTLK

Hydrate MN: Owner Josh Atree gives all three hosts of the Dave Ryan Show hydration therapy on air! KDWB

The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement: “Get Real Happy Hour” hosts Karin Housley and Amy Koch interview one of the scariest, most life-like Halloween attractions in the state: Get Real Happy Hour

Bryn Mawr Brewing: Neal St. Anthony meets with the founders of the up-and-coming Bryn Mawr Brewery to learn about this gorgeous European-style operation. Star Tribune

Hydrate MN: Rusty from the Twin Cities Hit Show gets an IV live on the show and hears from owner Josh Atree about Hydrate’s amazing hydration therapy: Twin Cities Hit Show

Blue and White: Blue and White hung out at ESPN 1500’s Beer Show to talk about their new app CRUZ and their part in the upcoming Beer Run! ESPN 1500

Hydrate MN: Hydrate MN on the 92 KQRS Morning Show talking about hydration therapy and its unique benefits for all kinds of people: KQRS

Hydrate MN: KTLK co-host Andrew Lee gets hydration therapy on the air during BeerCast: KTLK

Hydrate MNHydrate MN is the premiere therapy clinic in the Twin Cities. Hydration therapy is helping all kinds of people with all kinds of health problems. Their mobile service is convenient, quick, and effective: Star Tribune

Blue and White: Blue and White Taxi Service is unveiling their revolutionary new app Cruz, allowing people to find cabs more quickly and easily.  Owner Waleed Sonbol also talks about competing with Uber and installing video cameras in every vehicle to keep drivers and passengers safe: Star Tribune                                                                              

Cycle Health: 91-year old Bob Powers, the oldest Triathlete in the world and the recipient of multiple purple hearts, cheered kids on at Cycle Health’s Breakaway Triathlon.  He inspired and coached the young triathletes, who raised thousands of dollars to save a camp for children with cancer: CBS Minnesota

Cycle Health: The Star Tribune released a story on Bob Powers, the 91-year old triathlete who coached young runners at Cycle Health’s Breakaway Kid’s Triathlon. Powers asked kids to dedicate themselves towards a life-long goal of health and fitness: Star Tribune

Amore Victoria: Uptown restaurant Amore Victoria celebrates ten years in the business.  The restaurant is known for their made-from-scratch gnocchi and their homemade Italian Sausage: Southwest Journal

Cycle Health: Dylan, Pete, and Mary Kimari recently moved to Minnesota from Kenya to live with their aunt after the death of their mother.  They wanted to participate in Cycle Health’s Kid’s Breakaway Triathlon and received donated bicycles and swimming lessons so they could train.  Here is their story: Kare 11

Bryn Mawr Brewery: Bryn Mawr Brewery is preparing to open its doors this year as a signature craft brewery.  The Southwest Journal writes on their construction, investment group, and plans for the future: Southwest Journal

Bryn Mawr Brewery: Finance and Commerce writes on Bryn Mawr Brewery’s opportunity for investors to be a part of something special: Finance and Commerce

Blue and White Taxi: Blue and White and singer Tim Mahoney teamed up to create Cabcast and interview unknowing taxi patrons in the back of their cabs: YouTube

 Cycle Health: Cycle Health was featured on Kare 11 to promote their Breakaway Kid’s Triathlon and announce the locations and challenges of the event: Kare 11

Blue and White Taxi: Blue and White Taxi announce their new policy to place video cameras in every cab to keep both passengers and drivers safe: Fox 9

Blue and White Taxi: This podcast features Noah Rouen and Tim Mahoney talking about the upcoming Cabcast comedy release taking place inside Blue and White Cabs: Spreaker

Cycle Health: The Stillwater Gazette featured Cycle Health Kid’s Breakaway logoTracker as a way for kids to stay fit all summer long by completing running, swimming, and biking challenges, as well as the Breakaway Triathlon as the summer finale of the program: Stillwater Gazette

Sparks: After Sabra announced that they were recalling some of their hummus, Sparks Restaurant offered to exchange customers’ Sabra hummus for their own homemade hummus for free! City Pages

Nico’s: Nico’s Tacos has a new drink menu with tequila as the star attraction. Owner Tim Ross has decided to change people’s doubts about the liquor with some amazing beverages: City Pages

Cycle Health: One Minnesota teen was inspired by Cycle Health’s summer triathlon and                       decided to bike to school every day, even in sub-zero weather:  KSTP

Amore Victoria: Uptown restaurant Amore Victoria demonstrates how to make one of their menu items for a wonderful Valentine’s Day dish on Kare 11: Kare 11

Amore Victoria: Amore Victoria offers customers the first glass of wine free on Monday nights to give their customers unparalleled hospitality and service: City Pages

Minnesota Restaurant Association: The Star Tribune writes on the Minnesota Restaurant Association’s proposal to boost pay for kitchen workers and other employees who can’t earn tips: Star Tribune

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