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Now is the time to LEAD

In our last memo to clients, we talked about the importance of not going dark. Many of you have taken that advice by continuing to communicate with your customers and letting them know about the status of your business. For many of you that has continued to evolve and that may continue.

With “shelter in place” orders issued for many states and the Federal Government has extended their Covid-19 guidelines through April 30th, what should businesses and organizations do now? The answer is LEAD. The country is looking for leaders large and small. Your employees are looking for leadership in how you navigate this crisis. As a leader in your organization now is your time to shine. Your customers and potential customers are looking for organizations that show true leadership during this time.

Are you going to shelter your business and wait for someone else to lead or are you going to be BOLD during a time of challenge?

The choice is yours. You can spend your days scrolling through social media or news sites trying to decipher fact from fear, or you can put that aside and decide to lead in your organization.

We have helped a few clients in the last week pivot from fear and frustration to a leadership position in their industry. We have worked with them to identify the opportunity to do things in a new way or at least communicate with their customers in a new way.

One of our customers took bold action and decided to invest in new technology that allows them to sanitize their fleet of vehicles and provide a protective barrier for passengers and drivers. This process allows them to grow their medical transportation service including transporting Covid-19 patients. Through propers storytelling leading to news stories and direct communication, this company has added new clients and become the go-to leader in the industry.

Another client asked us to help, shift their “story” from an app designed for college students to one that is allowing neighbors and volunteers to help provide essential goods to those unable to leave their homes during the Covid-19 crisis. This device leadership by the company will increase the use of the app, build an entirely new niche and further their mission of giving back to the community.

How will you lead during this time?

Noah Rouen

Chief Storyteller

The Rouen Group

Creating Stories to Inspire ACTION.

612 419 6909

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